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First Offense DUI

What Are Typical Sentences For Multiple DUI Offenses In California?

In California, specifically in Marin County, there are different sentences for different levels of DUI. I’m going to mainly talk about first DUIs, not a reduced charge to a wet reckless, just a regular DUI. Typically, in Marin County, if you are convicted, you would get three years of unsupervised probation. You would have to lead a law-abiding life, pay a fine of $1,738, and pay a restitution of $150. They also have other assessments, which are administrative and criminal conviction fees of $25, $30, and $40 that need to be paid. It adds up to about $2,000. They let you do a payment plan. In Marin County, they request around $60 or more per month payments until it’s paid in full. You’re not allowed to drive with any measurable amount of alcohol in your system, which is a 0.01% blood alcohol level or higher.

If you get pulled over on suspicion of DUI, you’re not allowed to refuse the preliminary alcohol screening test that you would have been allowed to refuse if you were not on DUI probation. You have to do a complete first offender DUI school, which is typically a 32-hour school. If there’s a refusal, or if you’re above a 0.20% blood alcohol level, you would need to do a nine-month DUI school. They would give you two days in the Marin County jail, which can be done on the adult offender work program. The work program consists of picking up trash or working two days at Goodwill in San Rafael or Novato. You’ll often get one day of credit for the time that you spent in jail, assuming you went to jail. They also do half-time. Your sentences could be more as well. They could give you up to six months in jail on a first offense in Marin County.

If you have no priors, a prior DUI that’s more than 10 years old, or if there’s an accident but no one’s injured, they start off with 10 days in regard to jail time, which can be done on the adult offender work program, and that number usually gets cut in half. For instance, if you went to jail for a day, you’re looking at four or five days of doing that. They allow you to do that on your days off and weekends. The schedule is worked out with the probation department. The probation for a DUI is unsupervised unless there’s restitution after an accident. If there is restitution after an accident, then the probation would supervise the payment of the restitution. You’re also supposed to let the court know if you change your residence or mailing address.

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