At the beginning of 2022, the law regarding DUI diversion changed. DUIs are no longer eligible for diversion in California. Please contact our office with any questions. Email us at OR Call us at: (415) 886-6333

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In the state of California, there are about 300 professional licenses. Getting a DUI can trigger the licensing agency, board, or organization that is in charge to become aware. For a first offense, you might have to take some counseling classes and complete a probation period. Then, they are in contact with me, as your attorney, and I can help facilitate in getting certain documents or keeping them updated on how the criminal case is going. In Marin County, a huge portion of the adult population does have some type of a professional license.

The important thing to understand is that being arrested for DUI or being given a court date does not necessarily trigger the need to act or notify the licensing board. For most boards, if you are actually convicted of the DUI or of certain related misdemeanors or felonies, you will need to report the conviction within 30 days to that board. Certain boards will find out well ahead of time, so it is important to at least seek a consultation with an attorney who focuses on that type of work.

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