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DUI checkpoints are commonly seen in Marin County during the holiday season. During this time, there are always commercials, publications, and signs announcing the presence of checkpoints. DUI checkpoints are also commonly seen on Friday and Saturday nights; rarely are they set up on other nights of the week.

In parts of the Bay Area that are considered low-income and have a high percentage of immigrants or Spanish-speaking individuals, DUI checkpoints will sometimes be set up with the goal of identifying people who are driving without a license or who are driving on a suspended license. This, however, is not a proper use of checkpoints, and cases have been dismissed because of this.

Do I Have To Stop At A DUI Checkpoint In Marin County?

If someone does not roll down their window all the way and speak to the officers at a DUI checkpoint, the officers will likely find something with which to charge that person. The officers will be looking for the strong odor of an alcoholic beverage, and if someone only rolls down their window an inch or two, then the officers might assume they are trying to hide something. Some people feel that they don’t need to comply with the officers at a checkpoint, so they just keep on driving. However, people who do this almost always end up being charged with something. Most people will comply with the officers at a checkpoint, pass the attitude test, and just drive along

If someone has had a drink and they do not want an officer to smell it on their breath, the best trick is to eat a spoonful of peanut butter, because this will mask the odor of alcohol. Many people who have had one drink and are not impaired will choose to be honest with officers, but will end up being asked to perform field sobriety tests and will likely end up being arrested for DUI.

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