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How Does A California DUI Expungement Work?

The process of obtaining an expungement in Marin County begins with the attorney completing the necessary forms and drafting a declaration showing that you have changed your ways and are no longer at risk of carrying out the same behavior which led to the DUI conviction. Part of this process will require you to answer a series of questions, which the attorney will use to draft the declaration.

Next, the attorney will file the expungement with the court and the district attorney’s office in Marin County. As long as you have complied with all of the conditions of probation, the expungement will likely be granted. In some cases, a hearing will be necessary in order to clarify a certain issue, but that hearing will usually result in the expungement being granted.

Lastly, the court will send the Department of Justice a notification that they’ve granted the expungement, which is basically a dismissal of the case. Within three to four weeks, the Department of Justice should put that notation into your criminal record, after which point the conviction will not be on your record.

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