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There are different types of diversions in California and Marin County. The new diversion law under Penal Code Section 1001.95 suggests that all DUI offenders are potentially eligible for diversion—not just veterans. It was only a few years ago that the courts began saying that veterans were eligible for military diversion, which would typically include two years of counseling with the VA, AA meetings, community service, DUI school, and periodic check-ins with the VA to ensure that the veteran was abiding by the requirements.

A diversion program is a great way to avoid a DUI conviction and have the case dismissed once the diversion period has ended. However, it can be hard for a lot of veterans to do this. Mental health issues affect many people who have served our country and been severely injured physically and/or mentally as a result. Diversion requires sticking to a regular routine, staying on track, attending all classes, and reporting in a timely manner, which can be difficult when also dealing with the ups and downs of mental health problems.

COVID-19 has been devastating to so many people, including veterans. Human contact is so important, especially when dealing with horrible and difficult feelings and emotions. To be limited to phone or Zoom-based conversation can be really hard on people, because nothing can replace in-person human interaction, feeling the compassion of others, and being able to hug people.

I believe every county should offer some type of military diversion program, because they are very needed. The legislature and the courts have made the right decision to make these programs available to those who have sacrificed their lives for our country.

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