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In most cases, you can get your criminal conviction expunged, which basically means getting the court to enter a dismissal, which is sent to the Department of Justice. It does not seal or destroy your record but it will show that a dismissal has been entered and this is fantastic for jobs and professional licenses. The thing you need to understand about a professional license is that you need to let the state know when you are applying for the license that you have a conviction. They will check your records and they will see it. It will show that you were convicted and then it will show that the conviction was dismissed. The licensing board may look very favorably at getting the case dismissed.

Most employers that do a background check look favorably upon a record dismissed, especially for DUI. You were not selling drugs or committing fraud; it is not a violent crime or a crime of moral turpitude. You made a mistake and responsibly took care of the consequences. What you do after you get the first DUI is what people and employers are going to be looking. From the moment that you start making amends and reestablishing trust, every day counts in your favor as long as you stay out of trouble.

Expungements show that you have completed your probation, paid your fines, and completed any work program you had to do. You have finished your DUI School and stayed out of trouble for what is typically three years. If you do not get in any further trouble, Marin County will occasionally consider an early termination of probation, which would be followed up with a motion to expunge the record. When we have a compelling reason, they have granted them in the past.

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