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In most cases, you do not have to serve your probation in California, if you don’t live here. Most DUI cases are misdemeanors and when you are from another state, you can typically complete your sentence out of state. That is something that needs to be negotiated by your attorney. There is a $50 fee to do community service, whether it is in or out of state, through the Marin County Clerk’s office. Once that is completed, you can either turn proof in directly to the court or send it to your attorney to personally bring to the clerk’s office and get it stamped. If you send it in yourself, you will want to make sure to follow up a week or two later to make sure they got it and that it is showing in the computer.

The judge has to sign off on acceptable community service, so you really need to make sure that it is done properly and you should go over it with whichever organization you are doing the community service with and your attorney ahead of time. The main requirement is that the organization is a non-profit and has a Tax ID number. You will also need someone who can give you a stamp on your paperwork and a phone number for someone the court can check with to make sure you did it. The worst thing that could happen would be for the court to not be able to verify that you completed your community service, so you end up with a probation violation. Listen to your lawyer and hire the right lawyer, who understands how to get results.

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