At the beginning of 2022, the law regarding DUI diversion changed. DUIs are no longer eligible for diversion in California. Please contact our office with any questions. Email us at OR Call us at: (415) 886-6333

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When you hire a very experienced DUI lawyer who understands what goes on in the county where you are arrested, they can usually take care of everything, including all the court appearances and the DMV. You never have to set foot in court. The more complex DUIs would typically require someone to come to court and make appearances every time the case comes up, which could be once a month or every other month. This makes it very difficult, if you live outside of the county. What you really want to look for is an experienced attorney who will get back to you quickly.

All DUI cases are serious and should be treated that way by your lawyer. Find someone you can trust, who is experienced and will make you feel comfortable, if your case is going on hundreds of miles away. You want a lawyer who will keep you informed, update you as to the various court dates, take your calls, and get back to you in a fairly quick amount of time. A good lawyer can do everything for you, including keeping you driving while the case is going on, as long as you’ve contacted them within 10 days. A good lawyer will make their clients feel like someone cares about them and make them feel a lot more comfortable than they would if they didn’t have a lawyer or had a public defender.

Once everything is over, you want to have a lawyer who is still there, if you have questions in the future. Many bargain attorneys will withdraw from the case after a conviction. When I take on a DUI client, they are my client while the case is going on and once it is over. They are always welcome to contact my office to talk to me about any questions in the future. Anyone I’ve represented can call me any time with questions and I will always do my best to answer them, and I do not charge money for answering future questions. I am always here to answer questions and I give all my clients my cellphone number.

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