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Every state is different and has different penalties. If you are convicted of DUI in California and your state finds out about it, you may be facing a suspension of your driver’s license or a restriction opportunity where you can get an ignition interlock or a certain period of suspension followed by a work restricted license. In California, there is a process where if you get convicted of a DUI once and you go back home, by getting high risk insurance and then serving your California suspension, you are still driving in your home state. Once that suspension is over, you can contact the Mandatory Action Unit in Sacramento and request a 1650 waiver. They will send it to your address out of state, you will send it back to California, and that will get California to lift the suspension. There is also a small fee you have to pay.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, California and many other states in the country can no longer conduct in-person DUI school. Now, they are doing online schools and a certificate will be sent to the DMV showing that you have completed a California DUI school. This way by paying the reissue fee, you can get your privilege to drive in California reinstated without having to go through all the hoops that you normally would. If you have your privilege reinstated, you can come back and drive after the six months of suspension in California is over.

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